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Introducing our Handmade Pink and Purple Punch Needle Flower Hair Clip – a botanical-inspired accessory that effortlessly combines the artistry of punch needle craftsmanship with a burst of vibrant colours. Elevate your hairstyle with the delicate beauty of this meticulously crafted hair clip, featuring a charming pink and purple floral design.

🌸 Craftsmanship:
Artisanal excellence shines through in every detail of this handmade hair clip, showcasing the intricate punch needle technique that brings the flower design to life. Each petal is a testament to the care and precision put into creating this unique accessory.

💖 Colour Harmony:
The enchanting blend of pink and purple hues creates a lively and captivating colour palette. Whether you're looking to add a whimsical touch to your everyday style or make a statement at special occasions, this hair clip is a delightful expression of creativity.

✨ Secure and Comfortable:
Designed for both style and comfort, this hair clip features a secure fastening mechanism, ensuring a snug fit throughout the day. Wear it with confidence, whether you're attending a celebration or simply stepping out for a casual day.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift:
Celebrate a loved one or treat yourself to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship with the Handmade Pink and Purple Punch Needle Flower Hair Clip. It makes for a thoughtful and distinctive gift, showcasing the unique blend of artistry and colour.

🌺 Versatile Elegance:
From brunch dates to garden parties, this flower hair clip effortlessly enhances your style with its versatile elegance. Embrace the joy of self-expression and let this accessory bloom in your hair.

Adorn your locks with the enchanting beauty of our Handmade Pink and Purple Punch Needle Flower Hair Clip. Celebrate individuality, embrace the floral allure, and let your hair accessory bloom with charm and grace.

7cm x 4cm

Groovy Floral Punch Needle Hairclip

£5.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price
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